Lory Louves is a Parisian artist living and working in London.

With his fearless use of colour and texture, Lory’s deep and meaningful work seeks to stimulate viewers and generate reactions. In his exploration of his own creativity, Lory delivers art that is both dynamic and thought-provoking in nature. He reminds us to look a little closer and to get little deeper.


May, 2011

Lory, who was known as CLARCK at this time, was first invited to exhibit his work at the specialised sneaker boutique in Paris, Loodjo Sneakers Distrib. The collection of work on show was heavily influenced by hip-hop and sneaker culture.

April, 2014

In his London/UK début, Lory (under the name CLARCK) hosted his own solo exhibition entitled SANGOMAS. This four day pop-up show located on Paradise Row, in Bethnal Green, London was an exploratory journey into the light and dark of the Sangomas. More information on this show here.

November, 2014

Following his successful London début Lory presented an exclusive viewing of his next collection of work entitled OUD in the heart of Shoreditch at the artist-lead, not-for-profit gallery, Studio 1.1 on Redchurch Street, London. OUD presented work influenced by Middle Eastern art and culture, particularly the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. More on this show here.

June, 2015

2015 marked a complete change and evolution within Lory's art. With a new approach to painting, Lory was able to create his best and more personal work so far. In June, he returned to his home city to host his solo show SELF-CONSTRUCT at the Galerie Joseph in Le Marais. It was important for Lory to come back to Paris with a powerful and meaningful installation four years after he introduced himself to the world as an artist. More on this show here.

Going forward, Lory will no longer use the pseudonym CLARCK.

September, 2016

Following two exhibitions in London in 2014, one in Paris in 2015 and an installation at House of St. Barnabas in January 2016,  Lory now takes his art to the next level. The format of this installation is bigger and bolder and has allowed Lory to explore themes and ideas in a much deeper capacity. “Levels” raises questions and encourages you to think about the complexities of life on all levels. More on this show here.


Find Lory's first feature online over at VERSO Magazine digital platform and get to know more about his creative process and vision.

September, 2018

Lory returned to Paris to present SOUND OF THE SUNSET, his second major art exhibition in the city. From the 6th to the 9th of September 2018, guests were invited to discover new work and themes by the artist. More information here.



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